Euthanasia at Home

"Care on the Go"


Remembering Our Lost Friends

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”
-Anatole France


Saying goodbye to our beloved pets is an emotional time and never easy.  Whether it be from an illness or old age it can be hard to decide, “When is the right time?”  You, as the owner and caregiver know your friend the best and you will know when they are no longer themselves. It might be that they are hiding from the family, no longer eating their favorite treats, can no longer rise under their own power, or maybe they have isolated themselves from the herd and are no longer interested in the activities they used to love.  For some, they simply give you a look that says, “I’m done.” 

 If you are worried that your friend is experiencing some of these behaviors, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can talk through what is happening with your friend and help decide what is best for the family unit.  No one wants to see their pet come to the end of their time here but when the time comes to help them cross that bridge, we are here for you.  We will come to your home and provide a peaceful, safe passing for your friend.  There will be no struggling to lift them into the car, forcing them into a carrier, or leading them to the trailer for one final trip.  Instead, they will be at their home surrounded by their favorite toys, their family, be on their cozy bed and gradually drift off to a painless, better place.  As hard as it can be, the final duty we have as their caretaker is to be sure they don’t have to linger here for us when their bodies are done.  We owe it to them to have a gentle and respectful passing.

Once it is all over, we also have cremation services available if you chose to go that route.

"What we have once enjoyed we can never lose; all that we love deeply, becomes a part of us".

-Helen Keller